The Wu’s (From Monday)

Monday night we went over to my cousins for dinner. It was a lot of fun. I ate more food that night then I have in a long time (thanks Kristin, it was awesome). After dinner we played a game, and darn it all I can’t remember the name of it anymore. Well here are the two answers that we all laughed the hardest about. Kristin said a bobcat was really fast. Now a Bobcat may be fast, but when we were questioning her it became very obvious she didn’t really know what a Bobcat was. For that reason I’m adding this picture (edit March 2008…. I was getting WAY too many hits for that blasted picture so I took it down)! (oh and apparently they can run up to 30 mph, so I guess they are fast.)

Here are some pictures of the second answer that was a good one. I said that an Elephant can be bigger than a house and everyone laughed at me. Well here are some houses, and here are some elephants. You be the judge!!

(Ok I know the last one isn’t of real Elephants but I couldn’t refuse! Those things are huge!)

UPDATE:Ā  because of the large number of views I was getting on this one stupid post because of the pictures that were on it I have taken them down.Ā  Sorry, and thanks.

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8 thoughts on “The Wu’s (From Monday)

  1. I was looking for statistics on the size of elephants vs. houses but instead I found this bit of information:

    Elephants feet are smaller when lifted than when on the ground. So if they were sinking into mud it would be easy for them to get out because when they lift their foot it’s now smaller than the hole it’s in. CRAZY!!

  2. oh my…you all have too much time on your hands for all that searching for pictures and info!!

    But thanks for time I run my elephant into a big muddy swamp, I won’t be afriad! šŸ˜‰

  3. I was thinking that it should be noted that “Pepperoni” is NOT a 5-letter word starting with P and that there are other words that start with H other than hermaphrodite.

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