You Are Off For The Week…. NOT

It’s been a long week… and it’s only Wed! After working 8 days last week (I know some of them were only 4 hour days, but I’m a wuss recently) I got one official day off before I got a text message from my friend I job share with saying she is sick and just got out of the hospital. She asked if I would please work till Sunday. I’m so nice I said yes (I haven’t heard back from her, so I assume she’s happy about it).

After 20 min on the phones tonight I wished I’d said no. I got yelled at numerous times, cried twice, and got called many a name tonight. ALL this in a 4 hour shift. One lady kept yelling at me that she was a lawyer and she knew I could give her information about her dear little boy. I asked her how old her son was and when she said 18 my reply “As a lawyer I’m sure you are aware that your son, being 18 years old, is now considered a legal adult. Therefore if you have questions about what he has done to his itinerary you payed for you should ask him. ” I tried to be courteous with her but in the end she was mad, took my name and location and assured me I’d hear from my manager shortly. She also told me she was sure that her letter would only join a large pile of letters complaining about my customer service skills, and what a rude girl I was. I’ve never had a complaint on my file yet. Nor do I think I should have one with her, but we’ll see. (no, she’s not one of the ones that made me cry)



Needless to say it was quite the evening. My 4 hour shift felt longer than some of the 12 hour shifts I’ve worked. I pray that tomorrow the weather and delays have cleared up. It’s hard enough to think you have days off and then end up working them, but when it’s busy and people are rude it just makes it that much worse. I also didn’t make one reservation tonight. For those of you that don’t know, that’s how I make my money. I have a small base (smaller because I work from home) and then I get paid on how well I book and ticket reservations. Nights like tonight it’s not even worth working.

I do have to post about Dinner with Will and Kristin on Monday night, but it’s late now so that will have to wait till tomorrow.


6 thoughts on “You Are Off For The Week…. NOT

  1. That stinks! I did like your come back to the woman who threatened you. Hopefully, now she has calmed down a bit to realize she was being unreasonable. Psssst…I LOVE U! 🙂

  2. Unreasonable…I think she was just a Bit-much! And don’t they remeber that these phone calls are taped. At least every one I get they say they are taped for training purposes.

    I just had to change my flight to Lima around yesterday, the chick was very nice on the phone.

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