Packin Up

I have decided that rather than wait till September I’m going to start packing and moving stuff out of our apartment now. My theory is:

  • It will make the apartment so clutter free for the next few months that I’ll be floating on air.
  • It will give me a chance to go through all of our stuff with time to pack nicely and de-junk a lot of things we don’t use/need.
  • Moving everything out in September will be quick and easy because the bulk of boxes will be done already and moved!

It sounds great in theory right? Now I just need to get boxes and do it. My first two things to box up are books and Kitchen Appliances we don’t use often enough to keep them here for 2 more months. After that I’m attacking our clothes. Jeremy hates it when I do that because I try to throw/give away all his t-shirts. I figure at least the winter stuff can be boxed and labeled easily.

With the weather as hot as it is right now, it will be nice to get it all done in the air conditioning!



8 thoughts on “Packin Up

  1. WHAT not Jeremy’s t-shirts! What will he have left to wear! And I have seen his winter clothes….just two t-shirts instead of 1! LOL BTW we still come across his t’s at my house! LOL

  2. I thought your title “packin up” was a little eery but then I read what you meant by that! I did not know that you guys were planning on moving in September so I didn’t think that way.

    But really what got me with your title can be explained by the fact that Steve’s great Uncle Fred just passed away this afternoon! He was over 102 years old and he has been wanting to go for years since all of his family and friends have been gone!!

    So I read “packin up” and started thinking about what kind of a legacy I will leave when I finally “pack it up”! Sobering thought. The Lord works in mysterious ways and I just wish that I had been in on the planning meeting for my life… or maybe someone could have faxed me the highlighted bullet points! This “faith” stuff is really tough at times!!

    Good luck with the packing. Remember, if you don’t love it or it doesn’t make you smile then out it goes, OK?

  3. We have PLENTY of boxes here at Meridian if you need them. Usually we throw them away, they are all good paper boxes with lids! Let me know and I’ll start keeping them for you.

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