More Than I Expected

This past weekend I saw three movies with my parents.  The first one I wanted to see.  It was Disney’s new movie, the cooking rat… ya… rent it.

The second one I didn’t really care about seeing but went with mom and dad because I had nothing better to do.  It was the new Die Hard movie.  I’ve seen all the others.  My Ex loved them and we owned them when we were married (I assume he took them with him, I haven’t seen them since).  I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.  Mom and Dad liked it too.  I found it funnier than the others and I could tell they cleaned this one up compared to the other Die Hard movies (PG-13, instead of R).

The last one was one that even Jeremy liked.  SHOCKER, I KNOW!  It was Transformers.  I grew up playing with transformers and watching the cartoon.  Dad loves the books.  I wasn’t expecting much (and wasn’t even going to go) but I was surprised!  I found myself clapping and cheering, and laughing quite a bit too.  The music was a lot of fun and all four of us really enjoyed it!  I would go see it again in a heart beat.  It was fun with the special effects (I loved watching the transformations) and made me feel like a kid again.  Never thought one day I may be getting my own kids transformers for their birthday’s but It might happen.  It was a great movie in my opinion.



4 thoughts on “More Than I Expected

  1. I just watched Transformers (Instead of Die Hard) and I almost peed I was so excited! Here it is 2 in the morning and I’m emailing everyone I know and posting on every website I’m a part of for people to GO SEE IT!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE Shia LaBeouf!!

  2. It is SUCH a good movie… we really enjoyed it too! I was a little worried myself because I had read the reviews weren’t that great, but my review gives it 4 popcorns! It was REALLY funny, Shaie Labouf (SP?) is a great actor. Very entertaining. And there wasn’t even much cheesiness with the “love” scenes.

  3. Transformers rock! I’ve seen it twice and I’m sure I’ll see it couple more times in the next month.

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