Viva Las Vegas?

I’m in Vegas now. Not sure yet if I’ll make it home today or not. At Least I’m closer than I’ve been recently.

Two countries, three states, and the same pair of clothes in two days. I can’t thank Cary and Steve enough for the rides, the bed and most importantly the use of your washing machine and shower.

I wonder where my checked bag is. Hmmmmmm.


8 thoughts on “Viva Las Vegas?

  1. I HEART flying Standby!

    To visit my family, Trav, Maurianne, Rob, and I went from Vegas to Long Beach to Fort Lauderdale and drive 4 1/2 hours to Jacksonville, FL.

    Then, to get back, we drove 2 1/2 hours to Orlando, then to New York, and back to Salt Lake.

    All in 3 1/2 days!

  2. At least I can think of worse places to get stuck than Vegas…unless you have asthma that starts acting up due to all the second-hand smoke…*cough, cough*


    You are most welcome for the washer and dryer action and the shower! It was most definitely a pleasure having you with us for the night. We wish it could have been longer!!

    OK so now… The Emerald Ring. Finished it a couple of days ago and hmmm. Ok, so Lauren likes to write about the same time frame, in fact the same month, more or less, yet framing each story from a different couples’ point of view! Geoff and Letty this time around and all the while we are being hit with bits of Eliose and Collin, who have know each other, for what? –A week or two over the course of all 3 novels! I don’t want to give anything away in case you are going to read it, nevertheless, my feelings are nothing but frustration to one plot and amusement imagining about a hero and heroine reunion with the other plot! (Although after the author has left a couple, they seem to be flatter and less dynamic than they were during their own love story!!)

    So I invite your opinions to this and then, also opinions on the Darcy trilogy. AND if you want to read a really typical but then not so typical historical romance novel try the very short but different, “Lavender Blue” by Sandra Heath, who is actually a British author!

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