Holding Pattern

I have been on hold today for a total of 57 minutes for work!  Sad thing is I’ve only been working for an hour and 10 min.  Two separate calls with long holds = boredom.  Not to mention that I have to check back every 5 mins and say “I’m sorry it’s taking so long, I’m still on hold”.  Ya the people are thrilled.


 How’s your day?


6 thoughts on “Holding Pattern

  1. I don’t mind holding if I have a head set and can do laundry or dishes and such. But if I’m just sitting there….grrrr!

  2. Being on hold is a real pain, but it was one of our weapons to all the “Off shore” pharmacies who call us! Now we just hang up on them!

    Now to the Pink Carnation… it gets quite titillating in 2 places, no? One of the girls’ friends once told me that his english teacher called romance novels “women’s porn”! I think of that everytime I get to one of those titillating parts! Just goes to show you that even historical romance novels can be “Improved” with modern moral values! Do I dare read the Black tulip?

  3. You know Cary mom just finished the pink Carnation and is on the Black Tulip now and she loves them. The “juicy” parts are very small and quite simple to just skip. Nothing like “women’s porn”. I’ve stopped reading many a book because of those kinds of parts.

    I would read Pink Carnation first!

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