The Good with the Bad

Today, oh today.

The TV wouldn’t work, not that it’s a big deal normally but tonight Jeremy’s little brother is going to be on “America’s Got Talent” and so it’s a bummer for him that it won’t be tivo’ed.  I went out side to see if there was something wrong with the dish, only to find out that the lovely yard guys have RIPPED the front part of the dish off.  It would take a huge force to do what was done and I’m a bit ticked about it.  Jeremy is going to talk to the management tomorrow about it because the satellite people want to charge us to replace it.

Right before work however my awesome neighbor Bequi called, wanting to know if we would like a washer and dryer.  YEA!!!!!!!!  Apparently a friend of hers needed to get rid of hers and so they dropped them off this evening!  I can not even tell you how much this made my entire day.  Possibly my month.  Jeremy wasn’t home, and I was working and on the phones so I owe them big time for getting them into the apartment for us and everything.  Blessings are amazing!!!  SO SO AMAZING.  I cant wait to do laundry in my own home.


Back to work for me.  Love you all!


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