Reading in Reno

I flew home yesterday. I’m glad I had a good book to read, since I was sitting in the Reno Airport for 4 hours between flights. It would not have been so bad if I didn’t hear the pinging of slot machines the entire time. There was NO where to go to get away from them all!

The trip was great. Baptisms and graduations went well. I do have to say that the twin’s graduation was HOT, and I can’t thank my aunt enough for thinking to bring the huge umbrella’s to sit under.

Saturday after we took mom to the airport I was the only one left at my aunts house. She took me to the Winchester Mystery House. I’ve never been there, lived so close to it and yet never went. It was fun to see, and I was glad she had free tickets since it was a bit overpriced in my own opinion. I decided that Mrs. Winchester was a very smart lady… just crazy.


I did get some fun pictures from the Graduation Dinner.  I will have to post those later when I find my camera however.




5 thoughts on “Reading in Reno

  1. Wow, your aunt must be as smart as Mrs. Winchester… big umbrellas!! If we were hot, you can imagine how the others felt sitting out in the direct sunlight! And come to think of it your aunt is probably just as crazy as Mrs. Winchester except she has no money to build a 160 room house with! Aww, who needs 160 rooms anyway? But I wouldn’t mind some of those tiffany windows! Maybe not the spider web ones though. Free admission is always a good thing but it is too bad we didn’t go down into the basement. We should blame Erika for that!

    Let me know what you think of the Darcy trilogy, OK?

    Fun to see you again and to listen to you and Sheila spend an hour or more discussing your “babies/doggies”!


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