My Mom and the ‘Lotion’

As I’m packing to go to Cali (yes, I’m a last minute packer) I was thinking of my mom.  She, Dad, and KK came over yesterday for a little while.  While she was here we remembered a funny story, and I must share.

A few months ago my mom and dad were hanging out at the apartment.  I am not sure why they were here but I remember that dad was playing with Jeremy’s PS2 and mom and I were chatting.  Well she excused herself to use the restroom.  When she came back out she was quiet for a second then just blurted out “I’m sure you are wondering why my sleeves are wet.”

Dad and I hadn’t even noticed but sure enough, up past her elbows the sleeve was soaked.  We asked her why, and she frantically responded with this beautiful little ditty:

“Well after washing my hands I saw some apple lotion on the counter.  I decided to use it and took a lot and rubbed it up my arms.  It would not blend in at all.  Finally I looked at the bottle and realized it was soap, and your sink is small.  It was hard to rinse it all off.”

We couldn’t stop laughing.  I honestly don’t think I ever would have noticed, but picturing her in the bathroom when she realized she just rubbed an ample amount of soap up and down her arms… oh it had me laughing.

Anyway, that’s my mom.  I love her so much!


6 thoughts on “My Mom and the ‘Lotion’

  1. Well….they are trickey about those soap and lotion dispensers these days. I have made the same mistake, and have washed my hands twice amny a time….never up to my elbows though……:)

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