I Blog Too Much

According to Jeremy’s post today, I blog too much. My personal favorite was #5 where it mentioned that your family no longer calls you but checks your blog instead. This is my family.


Many of the people on my blog roll are relatives. We’ve all grown accustomed to reading each others blogs and keeping in touch that way. I feel like it’s actually brought us together a bit more than some of us used to be.

I like blogs. I like blogging. That’s it. ๐Ÿ™‚

Tomorrow I’ll be headed to California for the week. I’ll try to post a bit while I’m out there. Mostly I’ll just be enjoying the time off, if I can make it through the rest of the night till 11pm!!

5 thoughts on “I Blog Too Much

  1. Technology is a double-edged sword like that. It has raised our expectations as to how often we should contact one another. The problem is that as your social circle grows, the need to engage in conversation grows exponentially with it!

    That’s why I love blogs. It’s a one-to-many conversation with feedback and achieves great efficiency when speaking to a group. When something is going great for me, it’s easier to write about it on the blog than repeat it several dozen times. It’s too bad that most of my immediate and extended blood relatives are rather unwired and can’t take advantage of these great new mediums of communication.

  2. I too think (obviously from my last blog) that this is a good outlet. I think talking to people is important and having that physical contact- but when you have a conversation on the phone, you don’t usually have time to go over the intimate details that you might put in your blog. Sometimes there’s just too much to talk about over the phone or write in an email. I often refer people to my blog so that they can really get a good idea of what’s going on in our lives and see pictures and all that fun stuff. It’s good not bad!

  3. I totally agree. i get to talk to everyone with out spending hours on the phone each day. It’s great. I still don’t kn ow why I was not involved in that big cousin girls picture. WHERE WAS I????? I can’t remember. Oh well.

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