Long Weekend!

Training is over and it came with mixed emotions.  I will be happy to be back at home working, but it was wonderful to make some new friends and see old ones at the office.  Getting used to this summers new schedule will be interesting.  I will be working 7 days and then off for seven.  I am hoping to see many friends and family during some of my off weeks but it will mean picking up hours when I can to bring in a bit more money.  First stop is California for a baptism and a graduation (second week in June).  Second stop is London (last week in June).  I am excited about London, and pray the flights continue to look favorable for me.  While it will be a very short trip out, I have never been so I am teaming with anticipation of the journey!

The weather here is amazing and I am lucky enough to enjoy a 3 day weekend so I’m taking advantage of it constantly with my niece and nephews.  The boys move next week with my Brother and his Wife down to Mexico.  I will be so sad to see them go.  Steph has become one of my truest friends.


I just finished ‘A Rose for the Crown’ by Anne Easter Smith.  I LOVED this book.  It is a historical novel and she’s done her homework (I’m upset when ‘historical novels’ don’t follow history at all….)

“In A ROSE FOR THE CROWN, we meet one of history’s alleged villains, Richard III, through the eyes of the woman who might have been the mother of his illegitimate children, a woman who chose to remain anonymous when the court rewards for a king’s mistress would have been great, a woman who loved him for who he really was, no matter what the cost to herself.” (from book cover)

The book is full of history, loyalty, honor, love, you name it.  I enjoyed it immensely.  There were parts of the history that I had to muscle through late at night, but it all payed key points later in the book.  My only big complaint is the map in the book!  I didn’t find it very useful and think if she does any reprints she should add a different map.  I finished it in just under 2 days, in the middle I didn’t want to set it down.


6 thoughts on “Long Weekend!

  1. I have some friends that are going to be there for a few days, so I decided why not! I know I want to go back again for a longer stay later, I told mom the UK should be our vacation spot for next year. I’m saving my nickles and dimes now.

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