Bad Blogging Bobbie…Bad

I know I’ve been horrible recently at blogging.  It has to do with a combination of me being sick and also training in the office.  When I’m not stuck to my own computer all day it limits the time I have to blog.  Most nights this past week I’ve also fallen asleep very early.  I’m sick of this never ending cold.  I finally have my voice back, and can breath through my nose.  The new fun part is that I now have an ear infection in my right ear!  Its been a long time since I’ve had an ear infection and the pain is horrible.  The thought of putting on my head set at work tomorrow is sending shivers down my spine.

Being sick has given me a lot of time to read recently.  I really enjoyed this book.  “The Historian” by Elizabeth Kostova.

“Late one night in 1972, as a 16-year-old girl, she discovers a mysterious book and a sheaf of letters in her father’s library — a discovery that will have dreadful and far-reaching consequences, and will send her on a journey of mind-boggling danger. While seeking clues to the secrets of her father’s past and her mother’s puzzling disappearance, she follows a trail from London to Istanbul to Budapest and beyond, and learns that the letters in her possession provide a link to one of the world’s darkest and most intoxicating figures. Generation after generation, the legend of Dracula has enticed and eluded both historians and opportunists alike. Now a young girl undertakes the same search that ended in the death and defilement of so many others — in an attempt to save her father from an unspeakable fate. (Fall 2005 Selection)”



We also went and saw Pirates 3.  I loved it.  Really LOVED IT!  The music, oh the music.  At one point they made the screen go black and played a moment of the sounds from the attraction.  I almost burst into tears.  Oh how I miss working there.  Anyway I couldn’t say much more about it, but you have GOT to read what my sister in law Steph wrote about Jer’s views of the movie.  It’s great!



5 thoughts on “Bad Blogging Bobbie…Bad

  1. It wasn’t too scary. I don’t do scary well. Mom won’t read it because it is about Dracula. Rumor has it they are thinking of movie options. I hope they don’t ruin it, I’m not sure I’ll see the movie if it comes out. That might scare me.

  2. When that part of the movie came on…your uncle and I thought of you. I knew that would get you emotional. Hope your cold is starting to go away…my cough is the only thing hanging on. 🙂

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