Maybe I’m Just Sick…

…but training is not my favorite place to be right now. There is one woman in the class that is driving me up a wall. She’s loud, and I’m not sure she knows how to sensor herself before she speaks. There are issues there people, seriously. They guy I sit next to is funny and so we chit chat a lot. I think Little Miss Loud Pants is jealous and so she’s taken a disliking to me. Oh well, it’s only 2 weeks. I am not mean to her, but she’s already made me feel like an idiot more than once so I’m not overly friendly to her either.


This evening I have begun to loose my voice. I’m hoping that it means this cold is almost gone. Good thing I’m not on the phones this week! It’s also been quite nice to spend more time with Jeremy in the afternoons, even if I have been sick!


7 thoughts on “Maybe I’m Just Sick…

  1. Maybe her internal filter is just broken. I know people like that too. It’s frustrating/annoying.

    Hope you get over your cold soon! Being sick is just the pits.

  2. Hey…I’ve got an idea…go cough on the loud girl, give her a soar throat, and then she won’t talk so much. It could work…try it!

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