Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me


Today was the Pirate Movie Party. We had a great time. I believe the day went a bit long but later I found out I felt that way because I was getting sick. I’m sorry if I got anyone else sick.  Just so you all know.  Parks has on some socks from the pirates attraction in Florida.  🙂  He thought they were great fun.


I can’t wait till next Friday for the final movie to come out. It was really fun to watch the first two back to back (even if Mickie and I slept through part of the first one). We had food enough for a small army! I can’t wait till we do the Harry Potter movies.


One thought on “Yo Ho Yo Ho a Pirates Life for Me

  1. Yay Pirates! When is Harry Potter? We’ll have to do a little better with time management on those ones. 4 Movies all about what 2 1/2 hours long? Dang… we’ll figure it out!

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