What a Day

I finished the book last night. The sad thing about finishing a good book is that the next day I feel like a vacation just ended. I had almost forgotten how much I love reading.


You know, Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. It’s because I feel like she is one of the only ones with a real brain. Girls need to feel good about being smart. I also enjoyed the fact that she LOVED to read. (the brown hair, and brown eyes helped too)


Today was… well a nightmare. I woke up 2 hours late for my 12 hour shift. Ya, I was not a happy camper. It means I’m now way too close to the edge with my attendance. I haven’t missed a day in over 4 months or so but last fall, during one of the miscarriages we didn’t tell anyone about, I was out for a bit. Katy giving birth to Braxton. And the concussion from hitting my head on the dresser. Oh and the sprained and torn things in my ankle from falling while doing laundry (I’m a huge klutz). Now it is putting me up against a wall. I can’t miss anymore work (not even if I’m on my death bed) Till July, well really September would be safer.

After starting my shift late I heard gagging noises. I took a quick break to look around, only to find Daisy throwing up an entire stomach full of dog food. She probably threw it up because she’d eaten so much! She doesn’t ever loose her cookies, so I’m keeping an eye on her. She seems fine now. Cleaning it all up added to the beautifulness of the morning.

ANYWAY it’s just not been my day… EXCEPT for one thing.

The friend I share jobs with so that we can have days off when we need them… she’s not leaving anymore! It’s really not good news for her (she really wants to move) but I’m glad she’s sticking around for the summer.

Ok, I’m off to search the shelves for a book I haven’t read recently since I’m in the mood still.

Peace, Love and READING!


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