I’m LOVING this Book

I love to read! When I was younger I used books to hide. I could dive into a story and forget about anything else around me. In High School I learned that I couldn’t read often or I would neglect everything else. Studies, Friends, Family, everything. A good story would wrap it’s arms around me and not let go. I would sit up for hours upon hours reading, forgetting my own world and falling into the authors. I still enjoy reading, but it isn’t often a book will take the same hold on me it used to. Till yesterday…

I woke up late yesterday and decided that before I cleaned up the house, or walked the dogs, or even got ‘ready for the day’, I was going to read a bit of a book I had started recently that a good friend reccamended. HOURS later Jeremy came home to find me still in my robe, laying on the cuddle bag reading. I got up enough to shower and eat a little. I knew that I needed to get up earlier than I am used to so I could work a 12 hour day today, but I decided to read for just another hour or so. Finally I put the book down to check the clock, assuming that my hour was up and I should go to bed. Not only was my hour up, but it was almost 5AM! I had to be up in a few short hours to work. I put my bookmark in, sadly, I was only about 100 pages or so from the end.

It was a long 12 hour shift today people.  I only made it about 25 more pages in the book because it was so busy.  Right now I just finished working and I’m blogging as fast as I can so I can finish the book! Dad is waiting for me to lend it to him…

Oh and if you are curious:




4 thoughts on “I’m LOVING this Book

  1. I miss getting lost in a good book, too. I have tried a few times since having kids and I think the only one I successfully read was the last Harry Potter. I keep hoping that once they are in school that I will get the chance to read again:) Always good to know the name of a good book, to dream about reading!

  2. Hey, I’ve got a recommendation for your next book, if you don’t have one already planned. My sister-in-law gave me a copy of The Red Tent by Anita Diamant. I put off reading it for weeks, but she swore it was amazing. I actually read it over the past two nights. I’m just like you in this blog post, giving up all sleep for the sake of knowing what happened next. Definitely a fictional Bible story with a LOT of strange interpretations of that specific story, but it really put being a woman/sister/mother into a very interesting (beautiful) perspective.

    The Red Tent by Anita Diamant

    Ok, now I’m going to see about ordering the book you’ve just recommended! Sounds great!

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