All This Yelling

It’s been a very pleasant day as far as the weather is concerned.  I decided to leave the sliding door open so Daisy and Max could sun on the patio.  That was a big mistake.  I have heard nothing but children yelling and screaming all day long.  At one point in time I had to go shut the door.  None of us on this side of the building have children so I have come to the conclusion that the parents of said children do not want to hear them so they tell them to go somewhere else to play.


 I have decided if this becomes a habit I will become the mean lady that tells the kids to go play on the playground or near their own apartments.  I wouldn’t care so much if I didn’t work from home.   Where did they all come from, honestly!  I don’t blame the parents, they’ve been pent up in these little apartments all winter.  Sunshine means peace and quiet for mom’s and dad’s, headaches for the rest of us.

Peace, Love, and chillins.


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