I just looked at my little page ticker and it says over 7,000 hits. You people are reading maniac’s. Remember when I got all excited over one or two thousand. πŸ™‚

Today’s been a good one. I’m sure you are all excited to hear that. I got contacts ordered (FINALLY, it’s been years) and Jeremy and I hit up the local Denny’s for breakfast. Lucky for both of us we only had to work half days today.

I love you all, seriously. You guys kept me going and I use the blog for therapy sometimes. Writing it down and getting it out there helps me a lot. So thank most of you for the lack of judgement.

More good news, all my jeans fit me. πŸ™‚ Hopefully soon they won’t, because they will be too big. It’s the first time in over 2 months I can wear them all. I’m a happy girl. OH and most of the tummy fat is gone. YIPPEE!

Peace, Love, and small blessings.

Oh and enjoy this ditty.Β  He makes me laugh.

Movement: Minor walking, I’m a slacker I know.

4 thoughts on “WHAT THE…

  1. Hey Bob!
    I was thinking and if you ever need to run errands or need a walking buddy then I will be more than willing to go with you! I have a car sometimes and usually just sit at work during my lunch hour which is very flexable when I can take it, shoot me over an e~mail if you ever need a buddy to take you somewhere or to walk and talk or whatever! Love ya!

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