Sleep… ugh

I got a full 6 hours of sleep last night and it’s made today almost unbearable.  I’m dizzy and feeling icky and just groggy.  It’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in almost two weeks.  It would be nice if maybe my body would bounce back and let me be normal again.  My version of normal that is.

I’m sorry I haven’t been able to share all that has been going on.  Sometimes even if it is causing you pain or heart ache it’s not your place to share.  One of the issues I can share now…  My younger sister, Trish, lost her baby.  We were due about 2 weeks apart and just this week she found out the baby had stopped growing.  She was further along that I was and my heart just broke for her.   She’s amazing and strong.  I love her so much.  I can’t say anything any better than she has, go here to read the story.

I found out yesterday that the good friend I ‘job share’ with got a great position back east.  I’m happy for her but sad that I’ll loose her here.  It also means it will be a lot harder for me to get time off this summer so some of my plans may have to go.

Peace, Love, and keeping your chin up.

Movement (I’ve forgotten recently)- Walking, TONS of walking.


3 thoughts on “Sleep… ugh

  1. Bobbie, I am so sorry about your and Trish’s losses. I haven’t said anything because I figured I would give you a little time. I know how excited you must have been and I truly am sorry. You look well in your pictures. Tell Jeremy I said congratulations on graduating, I know how good it feels to have that behind you. Don’t give up on things, stay positive and keep a good attitude and things will turn out for the best. Trust me on this one, I have been through alot but things are turning around for me and they will for you too.

  2. I have been sad to hear that you both have miscarried. I hope things turn out for the best, and am happy to hear that there were 2 graduations.

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