Tonight’s the Night

It’s been a long morning so far.  I’ve made it through the week on very little sleep and as much as I know it would be good to get more than 2-3 hours a night, my mind and body aren’t letting me.

With some family in and out of the hospital today and Jeremy and my brother in law both graduating tonight it feels like this one day should be two, or possibly three.  There are just a range of emotions, and we all know I’m an emotional girl sometimes!  It’s just me, the good and the bad.  I’m a bit stressed and it’s hard for me that Jeremy not only worked this morning but is doing his internship this afternoon.  So I am going to my brother in law’s graduation and I won’t even see Jeremy until his…. along with everyone else.  I know I’m feeling sorry for myself but right now I need him more than usual.

Ok… I can tell I’m just gonna get more and more emotional as I blog so I’m gonna stop now.  I really am happy Jeremy is graduating tonight.  He technically still has one class this summer to finish but he decided to walk with everyone else.  I’m very proud of him.



Peace Love and Graduation.

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