I’m GOING to be Me

I’ve been having a hard time recently. Here’s the dealio. I’m sure a lot of it has to do with hormones and loosing the baby. No matter why it’s been happening it had me thinking. What happened to me.

Bobbie Now

  • Works at Home
  • Doesn’t often leave the home.
  • Has fun travel benefits but doesn’t use them often.
  • Got chunky(er)
  • Loves her Husband
  • Has no Hobbies
  • Reads sometimes
  • Spends way too much time on-line.

OLD Bobbie:

  • Spent more time OUT of the house than IN
  • Friend to many
  • Loved camping and went often.
  • Wanted a Motorcycle and had fun riding.
  • Went to the theater often, often, often.
  • Read
  • Talked on the Phone with friends and family all the time.
  • Cooked a lot, baking, you name it.


There is more I can add to each category but you get the point. So to start things off I’m contemplating going to see Katy and some friends next week and then the week after I’m going to Florida to see some friends (before one of them moves). Jeremy and I are also talking about camping and I am determined to go at least 3 times this summer!!! AT LEAST!

So there it is. My baby steps. I figure since I did loose the baby it’s time to reclaim myself, things will get harder to do after we are blessed with a child so I’m going to make the most of this summer. You can count on that!

Peace, Love, and HERE WE GO.

Movement: Power 90-Strength… ohhhh ya.


6 thoughts on “I’m GOING to be Me

  1. ok so I remember my days on the phones…came home and was drained and didn’t wanna chat on the phone either after all its what I did all day! I can totally relate!

    Come to TEXAS! We miss you two too!

  2. Go Bobbie! I’m a Power90 and P90x graduate and know how great these programs are for you. I’m now a Coach with Million Dollar Body and would love help you in any way I can. djdaikeler@aol.com

    Independent Million Dollar Body Coach & Founder

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