Daisy… The Pack Leader.


Daisy has become a bit bossy. (yes she is STANDING on Max in that picture)  It’s time we tell her who’s boss, and where she fits in.  We have noticed recently that she will corner Max and not let him go where she doesn’t want him.  When she eats her food she will make him sit on the carpet, he can’t be in the Kitchen.  Part of me just wants to let it go.  I mean if Max is too much of a wuss to stick up to her then sorry dude.

We tried to take video of her keeping him behind the cuddle bag while we were on the couch, but it was too dark.  He’d poke his head up and she’d spring out on top of him.

We couldnt’ stop laughing but honestly I think I’m going to have to nip it in the bud.  I am the ultimate pack leader so what I say rules.  She’s gonna learn that.

Peace, Love and The Leader of the Pack.

Movement today: walked the dogs… and not nearly enough.


2 thoughts on “Daisy… The Pack Leader.

  1. Too funny…Bonnie gets like that with me every now and then. Funny though, when Eric says something…she KNOWS he’s the alpha in this family. 😉

  2. Oh we have this problem ALL the time. Trinket is definitley Alpha of the DOGS, but sometimes has to be reminded that Mom (The Roomie) and then Kipluck are the boss. Shasta knows Trinket is boss, but holds her own and doesn’t get BULLIED. However, with the addition of little Suzy, well, THAT has been hard. The poor thing is already so fearful and timid we have to make SURE the girls know WE ARE BOSS and we do not want Suzy picked on under any circumstances. Because Trinket DOES if we don’t watch her. Even Shasta sometimes pushes it a little, with the added dynamic of a lower dog.

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