Work It Out

I can’t control all things in my life but there is a big thing I can control, and I’m going to gosh darn it!

After each misscarrage I’ve had I have walked away with an extra 10-15 pounds.  Instead of working it off I add on to it because I’m upset or depressed.  I’m an emotional eater, but that needs to stop now!

Some reasons to Drop the weight:

  • Poor Jeremy didn’t sign up for this.  We’ve only been married a year and I weigh over 30 pounds more than I did when we got married.
  • I am dead sexy, even big.  But when I am this big I don’t care, so I look like I don’t care, and that isn’t sexy at all.
  • My blood pressure, that used to be low, isn’t anymore.  It is starting to inch up.  Not good.
  • It can only help when it comes to getting pregnant yet again.
  • I miss doing things, like hiking in the summer.
  • Riding a motorcycle right now doesn’t even sound fun (ok that’s a lie but it would be better if I dropped a few pounds)
  • I can loose it easily, I just have to eat well and work out again… and keep working out.
  • Katy is dropping pounds and I refuse to be the largest sister… well I always have been but I figure if I get thinner while Trish is pregnant then for a few glorious months I’ll not hold the title. (sorry Trish)
  • Summer is right around the corner.  And man do I want to travel this summer!
  • If you are thinner than the airplane seats are more comfortable.  I may have a small waist line, but my hips are a killer.
  • After 3 pregnancy’s I’m starting to have a belly, a very new thing for me.  No matter how big I’ve been before I’m always had a pretty flat tummy.  Grrrr.
  • I want to feel better, and lets face it when you are in shape, and in control you feel better.
  • I’m sick of having problems with my lower back.  Mom just found out she has arthritis in her lower back too so I figure we can both loose some weight and take some of the pain off.
  • My face is fat… you heard me… no one likes a fat face.  I don’t even like wearing make up anymore.

I could go on FOR EV ER, but the fact is this.  I am a big girl.  I have always been a big girl.  I love songs like Queen’s ‘Fat Bottomed Girls’,  ‘I Like ’em Fat Like That’ from Five Guys Named Moe, and most recently ‘Big Girl You Are Beautiful’ from Mika.  No matter how much I eat healthy, or exercises I will always be what the ‘world’ defines as a large girl.  The thinnest I can get without my body refusing to go anymore is a size 12.  For most people this is still ‘too big’, for me it’s perfection.  I look great and feel amazing.  I am honestly 200 pounds at a size 12, something that my Dr. in Florida thought was amazing.  Its just me, and I’m ok with it.  I like it, I’m used to it and since I don’t know the world any smaller than that I am pleased as punch.

My goal is simply this.  Loose 30-40 pounds before we get pregnant again, and if I drop more along the way that’s great too.  To help keep up my momentum I am going to post my physical activity at the end of my blog every day.  Pay attention if you’d like, comment if you may, and by all means join me.  If you want a walking buddy call me, if you would like to swim laps I’m totally there with you.  Lets make this summer an active summer.  I am making a goal right now to re-hike Angels Landing (at Zions National Park) this summer.  Bryan I know you’ll do it with me, and I know Jeremy will go most of the way too (the last part is a bit high).  Anyone else want to join in lets make some plans and go camping at the end of the summer and hike!!


Peace, Love, and Health!


15 thoughts on “Work It Out

  1. I am with you all the way Bobbie! My little health scare this week has motivated me again. I am determined to lose weight, and having friends that are doing the same is great! You can count on me for any activity this summer.

  2. I love how you have a REALISTIC view on beauty. You can still be healthy AND beautiful and still a girthy girl. But we all know what is unhealthy for us, too. I know that I won’t ever be skinny, that would be impossible AND unhealthy, but I ALSO know that where I am now is NOT healthy. I need to work harder. I know it will help with my pains, my depression, and also make me feel cuter!

    So, yeah, I totally get you. (also, if you think it would *help* (and not make things feel worse) I can probably get you into losing it ( ) even though it is “limited.” Let me know.

  3. i am SO with you this! i pretend that i’m just fine with my body the way it is… but i’m not. i would LOVE to be a size 12. i think the last time i was a size 12, i was 12. lol. i’m a big girl. i know this. i’m 5’10” and used to throw discus and shot put. i’m not gonna be “skinny”. i have a blog that i use as a weight loss journal. you’re more than welcome to join shabang and i on that one, too.

  4. You’re a brave girl, Bobbie. And I admire every bit of it!! Pregnancy does crazy things to our body… I often feel that I’ll never recover from the first one.

  5. Kip, I vote Bobbie into losing it, too. Bobbie, I know you don’t know me, but I identify with just about everything you’ve posted. I, too, have a target of a size 12, which is around 180 pounds for me (I’m 5′ 5″). So … yeah. Thanks for being brave and going for it and talking about it. You’ve given me new motivation. 🙂

  6. Um, want to swim in Cozumel with me? I can’t come back and hike Angel’s Landing with you, although it has definately been too long since I have done that, but you are always welcome to come workout with me. We bought awesome snorkeling gear yesterday and I have high goals of healthy cooking with the fresh food down there! Come have “SPA BREAKS” with me any time:) I miss you! Love ya:)

  7. This is Kay, not Grandma
    The best thing I’ve found for trying to keep the weight off is the five word diet… less and exersize more. I’m proud of you. Keep it up, It is a life long process, but so worth it when you feel good and you are able to do the things you want to do.

    So this week I’ve made a vow to never take the elevator. This morning I walked up 9 flights carrying Jason, that was a work out, I’m not sure it’s a good Sunday activity, but I made a promise….no elevator.

  8. OK so I started working out about 2 weeks ago and then started weight watchers this past monday and let me tell you I too need to loose! And I need motivation!!! Let’s motivate each other!

  9. I’m totally with you on the 3rd to last point. I just feel better if I feel like I’m trying to improve myself instead of being lazy. How’d your March of Dimes walk go?

  10. I am Totally in! I Love Angels Landing, absolutely beautiful! Let me know though, k?

    Sorry I am so late, I had to catch up on the last couple posts… 😉 Oh, and I need some Guatemalan Pictures too (one of these days).

    Oh, and Steph, can I come swimming and snorkeling too??? (i am so jealous, one day I will live somewhere warm too)

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