Small Miracles

While it may be small to some I just found out I DON’T have to work today like I thought I was told yesterday. I have been worried about it since I left the office yesterday. I went to log in and there was no shift. Such a small blessing just made all the difference in my day.

I just got off the phone with the Hospital. I’m all checked in and ready to go. We have to be there at 6am, but it’s a same day surgery so I’ll probably just head to mom and dad’s after since I have to be around people for 24 hours after. I may talk to Jeremy about going to their house tonight because it’s not as far to drive in the morning to the hospital.

Thank you all again for your well wishes. Andrea the flowers are truly a vision. I’m still not answering the phones but I love listening to all your messages, and the comments on the blog. Jeremy and I find peace with all of you, thank you.

While I know this will make some of you cry… I can’t get over the innocence of a child and want to share this story with all of you. My sister posted it on her blog a few days ago.

“We were driving home from Grandma’s yesterday when I called mom to ask what was going on with Bobbie. She let me know things were not what we’d all hoped for and that she needed to get off the phone. I was so sad. Kailye asked why I was upset. This was the conversation to follow…

“Mommy why are you sad?”…”Because Aunt Bobbie is having a hard time, and she is not going to have a baby in her tummy anymore.”…”why?”…”because something happened to make the baby stop growing.”…”mommy, aunt Bobbie isn’t going to have a baby because it was sick. That Baby went to heaven.”…”kk you are very sweet”…Kailye started to get a little bit teary and then she said, “mommy, aunt Bobbies baby was sick and had to go back to heaven but she will have a healthy baby next time. This baby just needed to stay with Heavenly Father.” I of course was crying my eyes out by this time then to make it worse she sang “I am a child of God” all the way home. Over and over.”

Peace, Love, and beautiful spirits.



7 thoughts on “Small Miracles

  1. Bobbie, I think your little niece is really an angel and has been taught well by her parents. You will get through this and as she said I am sure that the Dr´s will be able to help you.
    We love you,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. That is such a sweet story! She’s a wise little girl. I am definitely thinking and praying for you as you go through this hard time.

  3. So Wednesday I cried for you then Kristin says shes going in to get tested so I get worried about that then she called and said everything is okay then I get happy then I watch American Idol last night, (I know cheezy) and cried almonst the whole way through then I read yours and trishas blog and just break down. I am so sorry all this has happened Bobbie I hope thorugh all this you can find answers so like KK said your next baby will be healthy, and who knows maybe i’ll be pregnant at that time and we can have our kids grow up together ;)Love ya!

  4. Yes it has been hard to read your blog for the past few week, only because I have been experiencing the same thing. I have also been feeling the same ups and downs of, I am going to miscarry, I am going to keep it. It has been hard on me and I know this must have been harder for you. I just have to remeber 2 sayings that one of my teachers taught me “TTT: Things take time” and “Life is hard, but you can do hard thing” he was a real inspiration.

  5. She is a for sure a very precious sweet little spirit! That made me tear up here at work! What reassurance from someone who probably knows more than all of us because her innocence helps her to be closer to her Heavenly Father than we are! I am proud of your strength and hope that if someday this happens to me I’ll be able to remember that.
    My friend had a miscarraige and struggled with it until the next Sunday we had regional conference and a woman spoke about her daughter that had a miscarraige and was given a blessing saying that it as HF’s way of helping a child get a body and making sure that it didn’t come into the world unhealthy. It’s really amazing what our bodies are for and what they can do.
    Lots of love.

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