Personal Pizza’s Anyone

Tonight Jeremy and I had some good friends over for dinner. While trying to decide to make last night Jeremy came up with Pizza, and from there we decided to just make the dough and get the toppings ready and let people make their own. It worked out really well, and it was SO GOOD! Since I knew the pizza would take a while to cook we also made some roasted garlic and toasted breads, with a salad. That Roasted Garlic was to die for and I wish we’d made two. I’m sure we all stink now but it was worth it. Oh and if anyone has any good pizza recipes with Strawberries in them let me know. He he.


Tomorrow is the big day. I have training that starts next week at work so I will be in the office for the first time since November. The class goes from 6:30am to 3pm Monday-Friday. It will be nice to have evenings off for two weeks but interesting to be getting up so early.

The second ultrasound is also tomorrow after work. I’m hoping that the training will keep my mind off it all day. Dad is getting me from work and then we head down to the Doctors office, hopefully to see a little beating heart. I haven’t had any other real complications in the past few days. No bleeding or anything, and some of my pregnancy symptoms have started to come back. I’m taking these all as good signs. I will let you all know the results tomorrow evening.


Peace, Love and Pepperoni.

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