Nerves or Morning Sickness

Today I’ve felt so icky. Part of me wants to be excited and say it’s morning sickness roaring it’s ugly head again, but to be honest it could just be nerves. Oh how time DOESN’T fly when you are waiting for something as important as a heart beat.

This song has made me smile today however… so I’m sharing it with you.


7 thoughts on “Nerves or Morning Sickness

  1. He has a song called ‘Big Girl (you are beautiful)’ that I’m in love with. I love Queen too so it would make sense that I love him. I LOVE THIS CD… happy music, makes me happy.

  2. That was beautiful. I have to admit I am liking Mika more and more. His music is growing on me. Thanks for posting the video. It brightened my day too.

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