I just got the call from the nurse with the results of the blood work from Monday and Today.  Typically your ‘numbers’ should double in a 48 hour time period.  Mine didn’t even get close to doubling, but they did increase (very slightly).  So it’s still a waiting game.  I have another ultrasound on Monday after training, and my regular scheduled appointment for Thursday if things look well.  In the ultrasound next Monday she said the Doctor will be looking for signs of growth and a heartbeat. The nurse told me that I’m officially considered “High Risk” now and that if we loose this one that my next pregnancy will immediately be designated the same because of the 3 miscarriages in the past year.

This is a hard place to be in.  I have a few ‘virtual’ on-line friends I’ve found that are in the same boat with me.  I think we all know that some of us will make it through fine, and others wont.  Right now It just hurts.  Sorry to be a downer but this week and this whole mess of a situation is starting to really take a toll on my emotions.


6 thoughts on “Results?

  1. I understand completely what you are going through…it is hard…I know. Eric and I have said…we have 6 more babies we just haven’t met yet. If you need to talk-I am here. LOVE U!

  2. Oh, I’m so sorry you’re going through this. I wish there was something I could do! I’ll be praying for you, sweetie!

  3. If it’s any consolation at all, when I was pregnant with Micah, they kept telling me my hormones were really low at that same stage also. And I was at the same level of nausea that you were at as well.

    Hang in there!! Keep up the faith. And… this may be a totally dumb question, but have you received a blessing yet?

  4. GIRL! You are far stronger than you know and your strength with all you’ve been through absolutely amazes me. If you ever need a girls night out with remote control cars and food net work, I am here for you!

  5. I can’t tell you how many patients of mine go through this very same trial you are going through. I feel for you, and I am here whenever you need to talk. By the way, many of those patients have a successful pregnancy later on down the line. Sometimes it is just a waiting game.

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