Hopes and Prayers

I debated writing this post, but the fact is we could really use all the prayers we could get right now.

I started to have some spotting and bleeding this weekend.  Not enough to warrant a visit to the ER but this morning when I called my Dr. the nurse told me I should get in to get an Ultrasound ASAP.  I was supposed to work 12 hours today.  As a matter of fact I’d already been working for 30 min when the nurse called me back.  Once I got things worked out so that I could make up the time later this week I called mom because I couldn’t get a hold of Jeremy.  Jeremy finally got out of a training class he was in and left right away to come get me.  Mom met us in American Fork at the Dr. office.  I was taken right back and we were trying to be optimistic.

According to my rough calculations I should be due Dec. 3rd, and that would put me at 7 weeks.  Well the Ultrasound did show the baby, but very very small.  Doctor said maybe 5 weeks and there was no heart beat.  He tried and tried to see if he could find one.  He said maybe there is a chance I was off on my dates.  I told him I didn’t think so, and he kind of had a worried look on his face.  I had two choices: 1. Wait till next week and see if I miscarry before then or if they can see a heartbeat then.  OR 2. Get blood taken where they could see my HCG from today and then check the levels again in 48 hours.  If they go up then it’s a good sign, if they go down or stay the same then it means we’ve probably lost the baby.

I’m trying to stay positive and optimistic.  I ended up throwing up a hamburger this afternoon (this is a good sign if it’s morning sickness)  This is our third pregnancy and the first we’ve been public about.  It’s hard to try so hard and then yet again run the risk of not keeping the baby.  If the baby is ok and I’m just bad at math (lets hope) then it looks like we are having more of a Christmas Baby.  I go back in for the blood work on Wed, and if things look ok I see the Dr. again on the 26th like planned.


Peace, Love, and little miracles.


9 thoughts on “Hopes and Prayers

  1. Prayers will go out on your behalf from Medford too.

    And maybe your math is right and you are just having a little baby…it could happen, a 5 lber?

  2. This time you made ME cry…I love you. You and J will be in our prayers. If you need to talk, I understand (probably better than most) what is going through your mind. LOVE U!

  3. Just said a prayer on yours and Jeremy’s behalfo. I hope if the Lord wills it that you both and the baby can make it through this time! Lots of love and health are being sent your way from the South!

  4. Don’t really know what to say that has not already been said. You are in our prayers and you did make me cry. We love you and hope for the best:)

  5. I’ll keep you in my prayers. You posted on Utah mommiesand I clicked on this website to check out your story. It can be a scary thing to not know what is going on. I’ll be thinking of you.

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