They Fit!

I ordered some maternity pants on ebay a few weeks ago and I have been really worried about them fitting.  Today they all got to me and WOW!  They are all great.  Some are too big now but will be wonderful towards the end of the pregnancy.  It’s nice to have pants to wear that are comfortable instead of just PJ bottoms!  The best part is that I now have one pair of black slacks, 2 pairs kacki’s, 3 pairs of Jeans and one pair of jean capris and it all cost me only $50.  Now I just need to find some tops.

My In Laws have been in town this weekend.  We’ve been lucky enough to both be off work.  Since they all live in Texas it’s been over a year since I’ve seen everyone and it’s nice to hang out with them all again.  Tonight Jeremy’s mom, my mom and Jer’s Niece Hannah and I are all going to see Meet the Robinsons.  I hope it’s a fun one.  We’ll see.


 Ok my once calm tummy is having a hurricane blow through it.  I’m off to lay down until people get here to go to the movie.

Peace, Love, and Fat Girl Maternity Clothes!


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