I’ve Said it Before


Clean home, clean heart.

 I found out today that my in-laws are coming into town this weekend.  My apt was not looking really great.  I know I JUST did spring cleaning a few weeks ago, but between Mr. Busy J, and me being sick it was looking pretty run down.  I called my mom and she gladly (man I LOVE my mom) ran up tonight to help me out.  Within a few hours we had the place looking AMAZING and she was able to help a ton by working even when I needed to rest for a second!


 Mom’s are great… oh I get to be a mom, that’s great!


4 thoughts on “I’ve Said it Before

  1. Are your in-laws going to stay with you? I think I’ve seen that apartment, where are they going to sleep?
    I want to see pictures of that on the blog. I guess if you’d moved some furniture it could happen!

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