To My Dear, Poor, Loving Husband

I’m sorry….

I’m not a nice person all the time, and that I can go from yelling to laughing at something in 2.5 seconds right now.

I’m beginning to resemble the Goodyear Blimp, but unlike the blimp I don’t have a cool marque or fly over sporting events.

I complain about the place being a mess but can’t seem to find the energy or time to clean it up, or if I start I get sick and have to stop.

I cry 20 times a day currently.

I can’t sleep and have been keeping you awake at nights.

I worry about every little pain and new thing, and probably worry you to.

I don’t do more for you.


For finding me Diet Ginger Ale because you know I don’t want to drink the normal stuff anymore to help with gagginess. (And sorry I told you I can’t drink it because of the Aspertame)

For getting me that neat herbal tea I can not only drink while Pregnant, but that’s supposed to help with so many neat things.

For getting me Tulips, so pretty.

For getting the sleep aid tea, even if I can’t drink it until we ok it with the Dr. in a few weeks.

For sitting up with me last night and thinking up baby names, that was so much fun (even if we can’t agree on many, we only have to find one)

For being so busy and yet still finding time for me recently.

I love you a lot, I’m sorry I’m a grump. Guess the fact that I’m carrying your unborn helps you to put up with me! πŸ˜‰


Bobbie (And Uno)


8 thoughts on “To My Dear, Poor, Loving Husband

  1. Jeremy does deserve an award for putting up with you. I know just how he feels, I have to put up with Art:) Good thing he’s cute:) If I remember right, which I am not sure I remember anything right anymore…the emotional stuff gets a little better after the first trimester….then you just get to be uncomfortable and that makes you ornery:) Love you both!

  2. Bobbie you are not alone. This is my second child and I have already called the nurses twice and got an ultra sound. I am just as paranoyed, sick, and tired. I also cry at the stupidest things and poor Will has tried his hardest to love me still. It only lasts for a few months thank goodness πŸ˜›

  3. Awww! What a good husband! (And, grumpy or not, I think *he’s super lucky, too!)

    However, I think if you really look like a blimp (doubtful) you should surprise your hubby by getting body paint and DRAWING a marquee. Because that just ROCKS. In fact, if I ever get knocked up I am SO doing that to my husband to TELL him I am preggy! That would be so funny! You could make the marquee say, like, congrats, dad, you’re swimming teams the best.

    I am beginning to think this may be WHY I will never get pregnant. hee hee hee!

  4. Whenever I’m sad and angry I can’t get pregnant, I’m gonna come read your blog, tee hee πŸ™‚
    oh, and try sucking a lemon when the nausea gets really bad.

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