Tired, Thanks Mr. I need a Hug but no one will hug me so I’m mean to people on the phone!

I couldn’t get to sleep for 3 hours last night. It wouldn’t have been so bad if my shift ended before 10pm. I had to unwind. I ended up watching that show ‘Planet Earth‘. We had a few tivo’ed because we’d heard it was amazing. And it was amazing.



Today I was reminded of Elder Hollands Talk last Saturday during LDS General Conference (Thanks Jesse, listen to it HERE ). It really made me want to be kinder to people on the phone (not that I’m rude) so that I can have a more pleasant feeling while I’m working. That talk hit close to home for me, closer than many realize. I hope that so many people heard that talk. The opening was so powerful for me. I think the entire world needs to pay more attention to what they say, and even how they say it. We are all humans, we all have souls and feelings. Kindness people…Kindness.


I must have yelled today at one point because my throat is killing me, and my eye hurts… hmmm, I guess it could be a sign that I caught something. Good thing I have the next two days off and I don’t have to be anywhere. Slumber, sweet slumber. Recently I haven’t been able to sleep well through the night, so hopefully in the next 48 hours I can take a LOT of naps!


3 thoughts on “Tired, Thanks Mr. I need a Hug but no one will hug me so I’m mean to people on the phone!

  1. I really loved that talk too! I found my thoughts going towards what I say at times to my children. I try very hard to choose my words wisely-it’s hard at times (when they write on the furniture). I love them, and like you say…KINDNESS…KINDNESS! 🙂

  2. Ok….so that is one of the talks I kept thinking about as I was on the phone yesterday with an airlines agent for over two hours!!! He was not rude at all, just incompotent.(I just kept saying he’s new, he’s new) He kept checking with a superviser, finally I asked to talk to the supervisor, but it took FOREVER to talk with him. Just a word of warning, if you call and get an agent with American Airlines named Mark Elliott, HANG UP! and call back again.

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