My last call

My last call tonight was a horrible person.  Anyone that would treat another being the way that man treated me is a bad bad person.  I’m sorry, I do have feelings, I am human, and you are a Jerk.  I wanted to tell him that but NOOOOOOOO, I was all sweet and nice till he really started to lay it on.  I finally told him that if he didn’t stop attacking me I would release the call, he didn’t…. I hung up.  Even tho I know it’s something we can do, I feel like I’m going to get fired for doing it!!

If I get in any kind of trouble over that guy I’m gonna loose it.  I’m so freakin upset.

No Peace, Love, or happiness.


7 thoughts on “My last call

  1. i hate it when people are not nice. why do they feel they need to take their anger out on whoever answers the phone? i hope you feel better.

  2. I feel your pain sista… I have raunchy sales reps all the time that I have to talk to everyday. It’s sad to me that if a person has a bad day they have to take it personally and personally attack whoever they’re talking to! Happy thoughts, happy thoughts…

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