If Google made people…

I’d like people. Today I don’t like people, but I do like Google. I’ve become a fan of their personalized home pages.


I can track everyone’s blog’s and now they have little pictures and backgrounds too. I know it sounds dumb but hello, I sit at a computer all day. The current background I have the sun rises and sets with the time of day, and the little scenes change as well. They ask for your zip code and then sync it with the page. It is a small thing that makes me happy. I’ve also been playing with other google features all day. I have created my own google calendar and now I actually know the days I will see JJ. It’s not often, and that was a bit depressing to actually see it all typed out, covering the month like poison.

I have one more 12 hour day to finish my 4 straight. I’d be more excited if I didn’t still work on Tuesday for 8 hours as well. 56 hours in 5 days is too much when you don’t get to move around. I remember working some BUSY weeks in Florida for WDW but at least I got to move around and had variety. I don’t believe changing between sitting on a chair and a big excercise ball counts as variety.

GOOD NEWS: Daisy hasn’t had an accident inside for days….BAD NEWS: Max has. Ugh. He’s the one we’ve had for 2 years! I keep thinking one day he’ll get it, I mean REALLY get it, but then he proves me wrong.

Me, being the super mega genius I am, uninstalled the sound drivers off my computer last week. I’ve tried restoring to the day before I did it, and guess what, it isn’t working. I also can’t figure out how to fix it. šŸ˜¦ I need to bribe dad, Bryan, or Kelly to come help me, if only I wern’t working so much. Maybe I’ll figure it out, I’m a mega super genius remember.

I just decided I have to get away this weekend… Katy? You guys moved in yet?

Peace, Love, and on the verge of a Break Down.


4 thoughts on “If Google made people…

  1. Ok Bob, I have to tell you I talked with the nicest American Airlines agent last Friday, when we had to change plane resevations to Guatemala. STUPID PASSPORTS! She sat on the phone while we decided if Colton was going to go, then waited til Kristin called Will to decide whether she was going to go, tried to arragne seats for all of us. She was calming and happy. In the beginning of the call I was trying not to cry, but when I hung up, life was ok again. That could be a really hard job! I bet you are just as good!!!!

  2. Sorry about the long hours…that can be a drag. I wish I could help you with your sound thingy, but as you can tell…not that great at the computer thingy! šŸ˜‰

  3. I have the tea house too! I love Google. I would ANYWAY, but I love that little fox living about my pages. Especiall because I use Firefox! THEY MATCH!!

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