First of the Long Days

Today is my first of four 12 hour days in a row. I am hoping to get a lot of bookings over the next 5 days so that I can make some money, but so far I just keep getting unhappy people with problems. No fun. At least so far I’ve only had one guy decide to take it out on me. Apparently he took it out on the supervisor after me and she left quotations in his file as to what he said to her. Why do some people have to be so darn rude.


It’s warming up again and I can have the sliding glass door open a bit. It is nice because Daisy loves to sit in the sun on the patio. She has been so good recently. It’s been a while since her last accident (YEA!) and Max is finally letting us know again when he needs to go out. I will be honest. I really love those dogs. I think Daisy was a huge blessing when I really needed it, and the fact that she’s such an amazing dog lightens my emotional load (and makes me overlook her slight shedding).


The room smells of Lilly’s. Jeremy got some closed Lilly buds about 3 or 4 days ago. Out when the dieing roses and in came those lilly’s. They are blooming now and at an astonishing rate. I forgot how fragrant they are as well. I love it.


My 12 hour day just turned into a 13 hour day thanks to computer problems… 😦  No fun.  Here’s a picture of the bush outside our patio that is pretty right now, it’s ugly 10 months out of the year however.



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