The Burger King

I got up today and guess what I did, I played that dang video game.  It is one of the only video games I actually enjoy playing, and since we have a problem spending a lot of money for new games, it’s one of 3 that we own for JJ’s PS2.

Lucky for me Trish and Steph brought up the kiddo’s and we ran to BK for lunch.  It was so nice to just get out of the apartment.  It was a hoot to put the little crowns on the kids.  Parker looked like the king of the Hobbits with his hair and ears poking out.  KK looked like, well, there’s no way to describe it.  Poor thing got her mothers large ears and well the crown look isn’t a good one for her.


We talked about making this a weekly thing (them coming up, not BK), and next week I’m supposed to have snacks.  😛  It’ll be fun, I’m hoping it’ll be warm and we can take the kids to the little park we have here.  It’ll be nice when they open the complex pool.

After they left guess what I did… yep, the game.  I have been having some emotional days and I think I’m using the game as a way to not focus on me and my life.  Make sense?  I am not a fan of emotional problems.  I don’t understand them and so I don’t know how to explain it.  I thought some of it would clear up with the weather getting nicer (never had problems living in Florida) but so far it hasn’t.  😦


One thought on “The Burger King

  1. Don’t ya’ just love when family is around to help you or make you feel better? I think the idea of getting together each week is a great one…wish I was closer. 🙂

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