Spring Cleaning is Over

Did I finish cleaning? Not quite.  The bedroom was straightened (thanks so much for helping Jer) but not deep cleaned.  Everything else still looks great.  Having a clean house sure makes for a much nicer Bobbie.  By Saturday afternoon I was beyond cleaning, I couldn’t clean anymore.  I don’t ever remember it being so bad growing up, but then it was all of us and mom.  We need to start popping out kids soon so I have a spring cleaning squad… oh wait… hm…

Saturday was nice.  Mom and dad came over and spent the Afternoon with me.  I even made them lunch.  Dad played the PS2 while mom and I talked and tried to figure out how to get her new phone to work.  Kailye was devastated to leave but I saw that as a good thing.  Means she loves us.

Nicola and Kelly came over about the same time Jeremy got home and we all went out to dinner.  The conversation was fun, loud and well… loud.  😉  The food was great, and like always it makes me miss Nic and Kelly.  I wish we hung out more but it seems life keeps taking us further and further apart.

The weather is so nice recently.  I hear rumors of snow in the next week but I can’t imagine it.  The bushes by our balcony are blooming these amazing yellow flowers and it’s been so nice to have the sliding glass door open all the time.  I’ll be sad when it get’s too hot to keep it open.  If only it could stay like this all the time.  Anyone wanna move to San Diego with me?!

Peace, Love, and Spring Flowers


4 thoughts on “Spring Cleaning is Over

  1. I hope the snow holds off till I get home to Oregon tomorrow.

    And some kids are cleaners and others you just want to run away, but you can’t because they have to learn the meaning of the word “work” too! I hope you get all cleaners someday!

  2. Cleaning abd my boys (and I mean ALL my boys) is HORRIBLE! I beg and plead and then some stuff gets done, but never the way I like it! I think I’m a bit of a ‘Monica’ on friends. Poor family…Today is the first day of Spring. CRAZY-Easter is April 8th. It’s going by so quickly.

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