Mariachi Band Anyone

Today I was in a bad mood. I was so beyond spring cleaning and I still had the bedroom to do! I decided to revolt and not do ANY OF IT! I did get some laundry done.

Kailye came over this afternoon for a sleep over. I called Jeremy and before going to cover the BYU Baseball game he came and got us. He dropped us off at the Gateway in SLC and we went to “Gateway Discover”, it’s a children’s museum. On the way there she found Jeremy’s headset from work and decided to make some fake calls! It was a hoot. That Museum was huge. I was really tired (all this cleaning has me super tired now days) but Kailye had a blast. We spent 4 hours there and I had to drag Kailye out of there. At first she was pretty shy around the other kids but she finally warmed up. Some of the other mothers would tell her to ask her mommy about stuff and she’s say “Oh, she’s not my Mommy, she’s my Bobbie.” Crazy kid! I think her favorite was the farm. She’s feed the horse, instruct others how to rid it. Tend to the Garden and move the bails of hay.



After we had dinner at CPK. She was so tired but we didn’t have a car and had to wait for Jeremy. By the time we all got home and got to bed all three of us were beat.

On a side note, our house phone rings constantly. Most of the time when I answer it the person on the other end of the line is speaking Spanish. I thought sometimes I heard the word Mariachi but I figured it was just my imagination. WELL today a guy called and in English he asked if he could hire the band. I asked him if it was a Mariachi Band and he said yes. I told him I was sorry but we must have gotten their old number. He asked if I knew anyone with a Mariachi Band. I replied by saying I wish I did, they would be pretty busy!


Peace, Love, and Mariachi’s!


4 thoughts on “Mariachi Band Anyone

  1. Oh, didn’t you know that Matt and Mickie gave out your number when they moved out! Anyway, that place looks really fun. I know Kristin will be jealous when she reads your blog.

  2. Ok you can’t complain about your mariachi band untill they have been calling you for 3 years. Yes 3 years. Will and I have chinese tellamarketers call. It is anoying.

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