Spring Cleaning Day 2


My dream of getting everything done in two days is over. I know now it’s going to take me 3 full days. 😦 So sad.

Today I got done:

  • Family Room
  • Patio (learned it doesn’t drain well. UGH)
  • Kitchen
  • 80% of the Carpets Cleaned
  • Pantry
  • Book Shelves/table

kitchenbefore1.jpgkitchenafter1.jpg kitchenbefore2.jpgkitchenafter3.jpg familyroombefore1.jpgfamilyroomafter1.jpg familyroombefore2.jpgfamilyroomafter2.jpg patiobefore2.jpgpatioafter1.jpg

I still have to do:

  • 1/2 Bedroom
  • Office area
  • Closet

When I was cleaning the carpets today max got stuck by the door and sat there for almost an hour. I tried to coax him over to me but I guess he didn’t want to get my nice carpets dirty.


Trish, Kailye, Steph, Parker and Brighton came over for a while. I loved it. It was a really nice break, and it’s nice to have people come visit. I am not used to having kids over, so a few times we had to jump up and move things they were trying to grab. All in all it was fun. Kailye is coming over for a sleep over tomorrow night. Hopefully I can get the rest of the cleaning done before she’s here.


Peace, Love, and Sore Feet.


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