Prep Day

This morning was not really fun, and here’s why:

I didn’t feel very well and then I thought I heard someone knock on the door. When I opened it a crack Daisy decided that it would be a good day to bolt out the front door. Now sometimes she goes outside when we open the door but she has always stayed on the steps and we just call her back in. Today apparently she decided to throw caution to the wind and BOLT. I of course panicked because she didn’t have her collar on since she’d had a bath last night. In my PJ’s I go jogging out after her. (Max is awesome and just sat in the open doorway till I got back) It took me almost 20 min to find her and coax her to come to me. She proceeded to bolt again later this evening. Jeremy and I decided that she’s gonna need a training class here soon. Grandma G is going to take her dog soon so I’m thinking of giving her a call and going together.

THEN within my first hour of work I have not one but TWO of the rudest customers I’ve ever had (and that’s combining Disney and Continental). The first one I wanted to cry after, the second one I did. I was pretty much dreading the rest of my day when I got an instant message from someone wanting to work the last 6 hours of my shift!!! Such a blessing.

Jeremy came and got me so I could take him to his class and run to the store. I got all the stuff I’d need for spring cleaning. Believe it or not we didn’t have a lot. When we moved in we opted for a swiffer sweeper, and to be honest it’s not my favorite. I’m sure it’s great for picking up small stuff after you’ve already swept but not the best for overall sweeping.


Now I’m armed with a broom, mop, brushes and cleaners. I’m ready to tackle the apartment. I was going to wait till the end of my 5 days off, but I’ve decided to just get it out of the way. Jeremy is gone tomorrow all day so it’s a great day to start. I’m hoping it’ll take me a day and a half to do my entire list.

Peace, Love, and Bobbie the Maid

OH and I hit a good frozen food sale at Smiths so I got a bunch of lunches for Jeremy to take to work when he’s running late. Apparently I should have really checked my freezer first because it took quite a while to get everything in. As Jeremy says I played Tetris with our freezer. 8) I’m so good at that game.

OH OH OH I almost forgot, guess what came out on video today?! The Holiday. Man I love that movie, and yes we have it already. (thanks Steph for letting me know)


4 thoughts on “Prep Day

  1. You didn’t tell me you were having a bad day. Sorry:( We watched The Holiday last night, I think Art liked it. Somehow it wasn’t as funny without you, Trish and Mom laughing before all the funny parts even started:)

  2. I haven’t seen the Holiday…should have watched that today. Oh well… Sorry about the rude customers. I have tried very hard not to be mean to customer service-it can be hard when you are totally frustrated. I usually try to remember THEY personally didn’t do it to me, and that helps. 🙂 Bonnie used to BOLT all the time…now we just kennel her. I remember the boys crying one time because I chose not to go get her. She eventually came home…I saw her sleeping on the front porch. I LOVE YOU (even though you hate my hair)! 😉

  3. So, I just noticed tour thingy at the right that says “SPAM BLOCKED 228 spam comments” and I have to say it intrigues more than it should. What would one have to write to be considered a Spam comment? Like is it enough just not to mention the topic of the post (like I am doing right now)? Or do you actually have to offer to enlarge something or ask to mortgage a house?

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