She’s Bigger

Tonight while I was giving the dogs a bath I noticed that Daisy is bigger than Max. When we got her she was a bit smaller than him, but now she’s passed him up. I really hope she doesn’t get too much bigger.

She made me laugh quite a few times today. I worked a 12 hour day, so we were up early. (well early for me and the dogs) She apparently wasn’t ready to get up because she curled up under my blanket on the floor next to my feet while I was working. I tried to take this picture and be all sneaky about it but apparently she wasn’t asleep.


This afternoon I had the sliding glass door open. She sat in the sun all day watching people walk by. I looked out and noticed at one point she’d taken my old Sunday shoe that I gave her to play with outside, I guess to keep her company. She loves her mom. 8) Such a nut.


All day long Daisy and Max watch people walk by, listen to doors open and close, and cars zoom by. But every evening I can tell when Jeremy is home because they start to race from the sliding glass door to the front door… over and over again until Jeremy finally walks in. It’s cute.

Peace, Love, and Nutty Dogs.


4 thoughts on “She’s Bigger

  1. How cute! I can always tell when Eric is home…Bonnie and Duke starting turning in circles because they can hear his car. Crazy-they know the sound of his engine. Let me know if you decide to come…:-)

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