WHEW That Took Awhile

ITS ALL DONE!  The blog’s from our vacation are finished so you can all look back over the past week and see the pictures if you would like.  It took me all afternoon, and I condensed a lot of the stories but it’s done!!

This morning Jeremy and I went out and purchased a Digital Camera finally!  It would have been nice to get it before vacation, however we had a 10% off coupon that didn’t work until today.  We were able to use some gift cards we had been saving up and so that is how we finally got one.  The battery is charging right now, but as soon as it works I can’t wait to test it out!


Today Jeremy’s sister called me and was trying to convince me to fly out to Rome next week during my days off.  Jeremy’s family (well most of them) are going to Italy tonight and coming back next weekend.  While the idea sounds fun, the flights look pretty booked on the days I can travel.  It would also mean flying out one day, having a day in Italy and then flying back the next.  I’m afraid the thought of Jet lag is kind of a downer.  We will see.

Tomorrow is our Anniversary.  I already gave Jeremy the Jade Necklace I got him in Guatemala.  He loves it.  Jer has to work in the morning but hopefully we’ll go out to dinner somewhere nice.


I’m off to grab some food and play with my doggies!

Peace, Love, and a busy day.


3 thoughts on “WHEW That Took Awhile

  1. I loved reading all the trip entries. I can’t wait for our visit in a few weeks! I would love to try the Zip line!!!

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