Will We Make It?

I woke up to the smell of pancakes! Grandma had purchased some Macadamia nut Flour and decided to use it to make some pancakes for our last breakfast on vacation. The morning was a bustle of cleaning, finishing up packing, and getting ready to leave the country. I had checked everyone in the night before and our flights looked good all the way into SLC.

Before going to the airport we went to the Airport Market. It was one of the cleanest markets we went to. I finally found some nice coasters (we’ve needed some for a while but have been waiting to get them), and mom found a purse (but she still likes mine better, he he). It was only about 5 min from there to the Airport. We said quick goodbyes to Grandma and Grandpa and then we were off. I’d never flown internationally, and boy is that a lode of fun. We had forms to sign, taxes to pay, and multiple security checkpoints to cross. We all made the flight with no problem. Poor Bryan once again in coach and Mom, Dad and I in first. I enjoy first a lot more when I’m with Jeremy, I probably would have enjoyed flying with Bryan in the back just as much so we could have chatted. I did however enjoy reading my book.

Once we hit Houston it was off to customs. We didn’t have a ton of time between our flights so it was a bit of a rush to pick up baggage, get it all screened, get cleared to re-enter the US, and check baggage again. Our next gate was on the other side of the airport. Once we got there we only had a few min to sit before they started to board the plane… problem is none of us had been cleared. After most all the passengers had been boarded they gave Bryan a boarding pass, and told us we didn’t make it. I think that panicked Bryan (and myself) a little. LAST min they called my name before I had a chance to think I was on the plane with Bryan, worried about mom and dad. They are both new at the standby thing, so I hoped they would be ok. I knew the next flight to SLC was really only about 3/4 full so they would be fine. Sure enough once we landed and I could turn on my cell I got a text message from mom saying they made the next flight out and they were landing about an hour after us.

We all made it home safe and sound. The entire vacation is now a huge, and wonderful blur. I dream in half Spanish still, and my desire to learn more of the language is pretty strong right now. It was such a breathtaking experiance, and one of the best vacation’s I’ve ever had. I believe the only thing that could have made it any better is if Jeremy could have stayed the entire time.

I can’t thank my amazing grandparents enough for all their love and support. Without them we wouldn’t have known exactly what to do or where to go, to be honest without them we probably would not have gone at all. It was wonderful to hear my Grandfather tell stories about the Missionary work being done there, and I loved every second I was with them. Jeremy thinks it’s uncanny how alike I am with my Grandmother, and it’s something I never noticed till this past week. I love my family, and I was so glad Bryan was able to come too and share in on all the nuttiness.

Peace, Love, And Volcanic Horizons.



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