Hot Water!?

Sitting at breakfast with everyone else, sharing cold shower stories, when they all start to complain about how the water was too hot in everyone room with the exception of ours.  Ya, no joke.  EVERYONE else said the water was too hot in their showers.  Go figure.  😉

Breakfast was actually quite good.  They made us pancakes but they were HUGE.  By huge I mean really small but incredibly thick.  They almost looked like scones, but they really did taste like pancakes.  Grandma kept saying how cold she was and at one point we caught her hugging the tea pot to stay warm!


After we’d all eaten we headed down to the beach to catch a boat to take us across the lake.  It was such a beautiful day, and the ride across such a breath taking lake made it even more so.


On the other side of the lake we went to a town called Santiago Atitlan.  The city is built up the side of the hill (or valcano I guess), so all the people selling their goods up and down the steep streets made it easy to rest every once in a while.  Dad even wanted to get a set of native clothing, mom was horrified because she knew he’d wear it around the house all the time.  Thank goodness for us the woman wanted to charge him too much so he declined.  I did however get a nice painting while we were at that particular place.


One of the things I remember the most about Santiago Atitlan is that while we were at the Catholic church looking around a lot of school children came in.  It wasn’t until we were walking out of the church and sitting against the wall that I started to notice we were causing quite a stir.  Many of the children were staring and giggling.  Finally we over heard one of the kids saying “Gigante”.  It was Jeremy!  Poor boy, the kids thought he was a Giant.  He took it all in good stride, but throughout the town man of the kids would stair at him and the girls loved to giggle.  Talk about a gentle Giant.  I love that man.



While most others went over to look at some other parts of the town Grandpa, Dad and I sat and played with two young boys 6 &7.  We invented a game with a soda lid, and it was a blast.  Every once in a while the children would ask dad and Grandpa for money, grandpa would respond and tell them that they had eaten more than they were asking for.  You see Dad had some candied peanuts and he’d fed these two boys almost a whole bag.  They were cute.

The boat ride back across the lake was very bumpy, we sat in the front and I’m afraid my back paid the price.  We had lunch back in Panajachel along the beach, I had fruit and it was SO GOOD.  I took a picture of a tree that I loved.  It had all these purple flowers all over it.  There were women weaving and selling things under the tree and it wasn’t until we zoomed in later that we noticed them covering their faces from my little cell phone camera.


We stopped by a nature reserve on the way out.  Some believe the waterfall and pool in the reserve are the ‘Waters of Mormon’.  It’s not the rainy season right now, so they were both rather small, but it was a nice thing to think about.  We also got to feed some Monkey’s as well as some Kowati.


That afternoon on the way back to Guatemala City we got stuck in traffic, boy was that fun.  Out of no where people started walking up and down the roadways selling everything from pens, to water.

The evening was filled with checking Jeremy  in for his flight in the morning as well as getting him all packed up.  It was sad to see him getting ready to go.  It had been so much fun with him there, but he had a test he couldn’t miss.

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