Off to the Market

Our second day in Guatemala we spent the morning laughing at me trying to pronounce all the Spanish on the food labels. It might have helped if at one point in my life I’d taken any Spanish classes in school. After eating we all headed out to a Market in Zone 1 in Guatemala City. (I think it was Zone 1 anyway) The driving is very interesting. I don’t believe there are any laws as far as driving is concerned.


This market was amazing, so large and I believe we were some of the only tourists there. We learned just how much Grandma loves to haggle. She’s great with the vendors. We got a few things, and I can’t get over all the brilliant colors the people use in their native clothing, which many of the women still wear.


On the way home Mom and Bryan were crammed in the back of the car. It was quite crowded and the people in cars behind us kept laughing as they would pass. At one point in time there was a large truck that kept getting so close to the back bumper mom would make a funny little face. The four men crammed in the truck thought she was funny and spent the next 10 min following us and laughing at her. They eventually pulled over and got out, as we were driving away mom let out a small shriek when she noticed one of them had a large gun. One of the first things you notice here is that there are guns everywhere. Anyone with any kind of uniform (security, military, police) has a sawed off shot gun in their hand. Reassuring eh?


We went to a large map of the entire country. There are no ways to describe this map, it’s huge, and really put the landscape in perspective. It’s old, over 100 years old actually. We climbed these large stands to view it from the top while grandma and grandpa pointed out all the places we would be going.


After all the days activities Jeremy and I wanted to experience going to a temple session in another country. The problem was that we were all running a bit late and so they dropped off the two of us while they ran mom and dad back to their rooms so they could change. I was so worried. I didn’t even know enough basic Spanish to ask where to go. Jeremy was great and stayed with me while I got settled, then at the last min to my relief mom and dad showed up! It ended up being an amazing experience. Even in the bustle of that big city the temple was so serene and peaceful. Very refreshing, and Jeremy and I loved it.

The evening was enjoyable, we relaxed ate together and got things ready for our next venture to Lake Atitlan.

One thought on “Off to the Market

  1. I remember Grandma in the DR when we would get fruit from the vendors. Back then, when I was a teenager it use to embarass me…now I think she rocks! šŸ™‚

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