You, Light up my Life

You guys are great.  All your well wishes have gotten me really excited about this vacation.  I still feel like I’m not ready however.  I swear I’m too organized when I travel.  I carry one of those little accordion folding envelopes with travel documents in it.  You know, your itinerary, ID, all that stuff.  I find that if I don’t keep it all in one place I set something down and loose it, and that’s just NOT good with a passport!  I am all packed up as well.  To be honest I have room in my carry on bag.  Makes you wonder what I’ve forgotten eh?  None of us are checking baggage.  Makes it SO much easier.


It would be nice if I didn’t have to work today but I guess that would be too easy.  🙂  I’m off at 10pm and everyone should be here to pick us up right after that.

 I love you all, seriously thanks again for all the well wishes.

Peace, Love, and It’s Finally Time.


4 thoughts on “You, Light up my Life

  1. That is SO FREAKING COOL! I don’t know where my brain has been but I didn’t even remember you were GOING to Guatemala. I am very jealous… but also in AWE of your packing skills. I can’t even just pack one bag to go to Saint George, much less out of the COUNTRY. In fact, when I went to my parents this weekend… who ALSO live in Orem, like I do, I brought 4 bags, including church stuff.

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