Day of many Deaths


I can go days without having a call about someone needing to get to a funeral, and then there are days where every other call is about that exact thing. Today, this long 12 hour day, was one of those every other call days.

Sometimes the calls go smoothly, the person just states they have a family funeral they need to get to and you book the flight.

Some people handle grief by getting upset at everything. The fare is too high, they yell at you. The flights aren’t at the time they want/need them, they insult you personally. They can’t get an aisle seat, they swear and hang up the phone.

Then there are the hardest ones of all. The criers. Sometimes they start out ok, and then loose it when they ask if there is a compassion discount. Often they are already bawling when you get on the line. There are those that need to change flights because they had plans to see the family member in the hospital, and then found out they had passed away and they need to get out sooner. The hard part about those calls is that they are so torn up knowing they JUST missed saying goodbye. The other thing that pings at my heart about those calls is that is exactly what happened to Jeremy and I when his father passed away.

Many people just want to talk to you about whats going on, and have someone just listen. I’ve heard more horrible stories about death than I ever thought I would, or wanted to. It’s something that amazes me. To share so much and be so intimate with someone you just said hi to on the phone. There are stories and people that have touched my heart in only minutes. One couple from my first month of working for the Airline that will stay in my memories forever. It’s amazing to me, but very exhausting.

It reminds me of the many deaths I’ve had to deal with. From friends, family of close friends, and my own family. So many thoughts flood my memory. An early morning wakeup call from a room mates father letting her know her brother had been killed, then hours later being on a plane with her. Finding out Jeremy’s father had passed away. Having 3 friends in High School loose a parent. My grandpa Gordon, and me crying so hard I couldn’t even conduct the hymn. And two very close friends who lost their lives in my early 20’s.  Just to name a few.

I am eternally thankful to my family, and for my very strong belief system. The knowledge of where my family and I are going after this life keeps my heart humbled and happy even in times of sorrow. Knowing that my sweetheart is also my Eternal Companion keeps me warm when he’s away.

Today was long, calls were rough. If it wasn’t about a compassion fare, it was having to do with delays or cancellations due to weather. The wait time was quite long all morning and into the afternoon. I believe that in and of itself makes some people more emotional when they are calling to get a flight to a funeral and they have to wait on hold.

Needless to say some things on the list didn’t get done. I did get a little cleaning done, thanks to Daisy deciding to tear up 3 rolls of toilet paper all over the house while I was on the phone! She is like a secret agent or something. She didn’t make a sound and all of a sudden I turned around and there was Toilet Paper EVERYWHERE! It was horrible because it was in all shapes and sizes. Ugh. I would have taken pictures but I was so upset and only had 15 min to clean it all up (lovely break, eh?). Anyway, now I’m feeling a bit rushed to get things done before Guatemala. I have only one pair of pants clean so lets hope I get my other pair of jeans clean tomorrow as well as working a full day, and getting everything ready for our departure.

Peace, love, and emotional overload.


5 thoughts on “Day of many Deaths

  1. Well on the bright side you are going on vacation and can get away from work for a while. Don’t forget to take lots of pictures while you are there.

  2. Have a great trip. I know that you will miss me terribly and wish that I was there for comic relief! We will miss you and can’t wait to hear (and see) all about it!

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