Packing, Working and Headaches

That’s my day today, the headache sucks.  Jeremy and I have been trying to get ready for Guatemala.  We leave on Wednesday and I’m so excited.  We are only taking carry-on luggage so packing is quite fun.  Today I’ve been working and Jeremy has been doing laundry. While I’m on breaks I’ve been trying to get some packing done as well as make to-do’s with Jeremy.  I can’t believe we leave so soon, I feel like I’ve left everything to the last minute.



  1. Photocopy Passports and Print out Travel Plans to leave with family here (just in case they need it)
  2. Jeremy Hair Cut
  3. Finish packing
  4. Work 12 hours for me
  5. Work, and Internship for Jeremy
  6. Get everything ready for Daisy and Max to stay with Trish (THANKS AGAIN)
  7. Clean (I HATE coming home to a messy house after you’re away)
  8. Make more lists (I make lots of lists when I’m traveling) of things not to forget to grab before we go.
  9. Double check Health insurance for both Jer and I, as well as the insurance and coverage for my phone. (we figured we’d take it just in-case, since it’s covered anyway)


I think that’s about it, I’m not sure to be honest.  Our flight leaves just after 1am on Wednesday morning so we will actually be at the airport Tuesday night.  Lucky us!!

Peace, Love, and VACATION!!!!!!!!!!!



4 thoughts on “Packing, Working and Headaches

  1. We know exactly how you feel about cleaning the house before you go somewhere. It drives us both beserk if we come home to a messy house! Good luck with your “To-do List”.


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