Pancakes and Rockets….Again.

Snowed today!! Here’s a pic from when we were in Provo.


It’s become a fun little tradition for my niece Kailye and I. We went and had breakfast, and no she didn’t inhale everything like last time. This time I have a series of photos to guide you through our breakfast. First is the Menu, she pondered and pondered. Then her drink, her food, and at last her sticky hands!


After that we went and got Steph and the boys for some errands as well as some Nickelcade fun. I have to be honest (Please don’t kill me Steph). Steph and I are addicted to the games that give us tickets. It was fun to go with someone else who gets a kick out of the stupid games. Parker pretty much played with any game and didn’t get the whole coin thing. Kailye kept coming up and asking for ‘Moneys’ then would run off and stick it in whatever would suite her. It was a blast. We were the only ones there till about 10 min before we left. Loved it. Steph and I RACKED in on the tickets. I think we ended up with over 1500. We let the kids pick out toys, and then we got mom some furry dice for her car. Our gift to her for letting us use her car all day. I’m sure she’ll love them. 🙂 We also got some of those little capsules that you put into water and they grow into sponge animals. Steph and I both remember liking them when we were little. When we got home to use them it took FOREVER to get the first two to expand. We ended up cheating after that and just taking the capsule part off and then dropping them in the water. All in all it was a great day. I think I tweaked my back a bit at the arcade, but it was a blast. Here are some pic’s.


Peace, Love, and Fun with My Family


5 thoughts on “Pancakes and Rockets….Again.

  1. How fun! Love the pictures…last time we went there Uncle Art and Eric went head to head on some baseball game. I think they still argue on who won to this day! Goofy! 😉

  2. I cannot believe that you shared that secret:) Actually, I am kind of proud that I still like winning tickets. That means that I am not completely grown up yet, right? That was a fun day, I am glad that we came! Your phone takes great pictures:)

  3. Yes . . . my Precioussss. I remember well the days of raking in the tickets and retreating to my corner and counting them like a troll. Don’t laugh too much.

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