Phone, and Vomit

I know it’s a lovely title.  This will be a very short entry.

Got sick last night, threw-up and that’s not common for me.  Then during the night Daisy threw-up and that’s not common for her.  (Max is a puker, it’s gross)  All I can say is Poor Jeremy.

Today my new phone came, ALREADY.  It actually got here right before work.  I was really worried about working all day when I was a bit queesy, but playing with the phone made time fly.  Now I’m done working and I have 4 days off!

Peace, Love, and the stomach flu.


8 thoughts on “Phone, and Vomit

  1. Good luck getting better. If it is what Jason and Colton has it takes about 3 days. Happy Birthday! Maybe you have it worse on your birthday then i did. Pretend that tomorrow is your birthday. It worked for me!

  2. Oh bobbie I’m sorry throwing up has to be on my top ten hate to do list! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
    we love you and hope you are not sick for your entire birthday break! Enjoy your days off! KATY, CHAD, and Braxton

  3. Throwing up huh?…are you sure it’s the flu?..If it is you ALL stay away from me..I can’t afford to be sick 🙂
    P.S. Brighton is way cuter than Daisy and the only one he pucks on is mom and steph…

  4. I really REALLY relate. Except that neither of our dogs was throwing up along with me… it was just me. BLEH! But at least I got over it quick. Are you better?

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